About Karvetnagar

Legend has it that Karvetinagar was a former Zamindar who was most prominent during the Vijayanagar rule. The Bommaraju family (the Zamdindar's family) traces its origins back to an ancestor who is said to have migrated from the Pithapuram area of the Godavari Delta around 8th or 9th Century. One ancestor obtained the favour of the Eastern Chalukya King, Vimala Aditya, and Saluva Narasa was appointed the chief of the country around Tirupati, where he founded his capital, Narayanavanam. The rulers later built their new capital, Nagaram, at this place by clearing the forest. The founder of the family, Narasa, was granted permission by his patron, the Chalukyas, to use the royal seal and boar-signet of the Chalukyas, a proud distinction still kept up.

Sri Chandrasekharendra Swamy