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Nadhaswaram is a traditional, divine instrument with origins in Tamil Nadu. It also finds equal popularity in Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Kerala. Nadhaswaram is known to be the world's loudest non-brass acoustic wind instrument, quite similar to the Shehnai, an instrument made with a hardwood body and a large flaring bell of wood or metal.

Nadhaswaram, also known as Mangala Vaadhyam (divine & auspicious instrument), is played at temples, during marriage ceremonies and festive occasions. In order to review and infuse extra strength to the art of Nadhaswaram music, Shankaracharya's of Sri Kanchi Mutt have established two Nadhaswaram teaching institutes - one for boys in the Nallatoor Anjaneyar Temple and another for girls at Karvet Nagaram. Children attend the Government School along with classical Nadhaswaram training and upon completion of their education, they are offered jobs at temples.

The Kanchi Mutt has traditionally provided financial and monetary support to withering Nadhaswaram families and this project is intended to provide financial empowerment for children of traditional Nadhaswaram families.


  • Nadaswaram
  • Dhol
  • Mulika Vaidhyam
  • Rangoli - Girls
  • Garland Making etc.,
  •   We are supporting the way we can. Would you like to support us.   Join Us

  •   We are supporting the way we can. Would you like to support us.   Join Us