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About Us

Situated in Karvet Nagaram, one of the primary cultural hubs of South India, the Jyotishya Smartha Patasala was founded based on the vision of His Holiness Shri Sankara Vijayendra Saraswathi Shankaracharya Swamiji, 70th Acharya of Shri Kanchi Kamakoti Peetham; of creating a contemporary education system.

Today, with nuclear families replacing the joint family system, the gated communities replacing Agraharams and many such great alterations taking place in the society, there is a dire need to provide spiritual and cultural education to the youth, not just for a proper understanding of our traditions and culture, but to also protect and pass on our inherited treasures to the generations that follow.

For example, Purohitas are now slowly moving out of villages due to several reasons and their children do not have the opportunity to undergo training in traditional subjects. The consequence of this move and its impact on the society is gradually being felt.

To reverse this movement, the Jyotishya Smartha Patasala has been setup not only to educate the youth about our rich culture and traditions, but also to deliver contemporary education to them at Acharya Public School (Karvet Nagaram), thereby preparing in them a proper understanding of Bhakti and Mukti. The Patasala is located in Karvet Nagaram near Puttur (Andhra Pradesh) and houses 22 children.

Why Karvet Nagaram?

Karvet Nagaram is located near Puttur in Chittor district.


  •   We are supporting the way we can. Would you like to support us.   Join Us

  •   We are supporting the way we can. Would you like to support us.   Join Us