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Sri Sankara Smartha Samskrutha Patasala, Bangalore is one of its kind unique residential concept where Vidhyarthis are inculcated spiritual education alongside mainstream academic studies. Started in the year 2001, with the benign and bountiful blessings of their Holiness Shankaracharyas of Sri Kanchi Kamakoti Peetam, the Patasala has a vision to spread the spiritual wisdom and usher in a process of moral regeneration in the young minds. Designed on the lines of the ancient Ghatikasthanams it offers specalised training in Sanskrit, Vedic Studies, Namasankirthanam and Music.

In their pursuit of academic studies, Vidyarthis study at Vidyaniketan Public School under the CBSE curriculum from Classes III to XII or alternately they can study the State Board curriculum from Classes VII - X. In addition, the Vidyarthis can also choose to pursue their senior Secondary Education at the Vidhyaniketan Pre University College.

About Vidyaniketan Public School

Vidyaniketan Public School is an ISO 9001-2000 certified educational institution, founded the Vidyaniketan Education and Cultural Trust, Bangalore in the year 1986.

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  • The Patasala is set amidst green landscapes and an eco-friendly ambience. It is equipped with a state of the art stream powered kitchen, solar powered lighting and water. The Patasala also has it own water treatment and purification plant providing clean drinking water. It also has its own Organic Kitchen Garden catering to the fruits and vegetable requirements.
  • The Patasala has a central dining hall and a separate Dhyana Hall, Vidyarthis also use this space for special congregations, Homams and during festivities that include Upakarma, Jayanthi Celebrations of the Acharyas.
  • Vidyarthis are housed in spacious rooms complete with their own reading desks and cots. Four Vidyarthis are assigned room, with invidual lockers to keep their belongings. Each floor is further equipped with adequate bath and wash rooms.
  • The Patasala has a unique library that specializes in Sanskrit Veda, Shastram & Puranas. Home to some unique and rare books, the library offers students an opportunity to engage in research into our rich cultural past. The library is also equipped with multimedia enabled technology for students to delve into archived electronic content through its digital library.
  • Special invitees can choose to stay at the Patasala and gain a first hand experience of the daily activities and routines. We offer separate rooms with all essential amenities to our guest.
  • In-Campus accommodation is also provided to the Wardens, Teachers and other support staff 24 x 7 security is provided for the entire campus with CCTV.
  •   We are supporting the way we can. Would you like to support us.   Join Us

  •   We are supporting the way we can. Would you like to support us.   Join Us