•   "IT" stands for INDIAN TRADITIONS  

  •  India needs to promote Trade, Tradition & Technology wherein Trade & Technology complement Tradition.  

  •  People should cultivate the habit of Austerity - Savings - Service 

  •  Prayer is essential so is Effort  

  •  Land, Language and Lineage are very sacred and should be protected  

  •  Protection of Heritage & Traditons should happen at once, without further delay, since they cannot be recreated.  

  •   Dharmic Nurseries are to be nurtured to cultivate seeds in the fields of Culture, Spirtuality & Service to the nation. 

  •  More SEZS are required - "Special Education Zones" 

  •   Hindusim has the depth in content - What's needed is its study, Presentation & Distribution  

  •   What is CMP in today's context can be broadened to 'Common Maximum programme' for India's development.  

  •   PDS(Public Distribution System) Module is required for disseminating heritage & cultural knowledge  

  •   While Infrastructure development is required for Economic Growth, 'Cultural Infrastructure Programme' is the need of the hour for the welfare of Society. 

Protect. Preserve. Propagate.

“One should constantly strive to acquire knowledge and by doing so one shall be praised and respected amongst by scholars. There are two ways by which knowledge can be imbibed- from an able guru and self study.” Rig Veda

The Samskrutha Patasala brings the treasures of the Vedas and the benefits of modern education to Vidyaniketan Public School. Located in a lush green landscape in Ullal, Bangalore, this is an ideal atmosphere to imbibe knowledge and grow physically, intellectually and spiritually.

Started in 2001,this patasala trains students to handle the challenges of today yet not lose track of tradition and keep the ideals of dharma. These vidyarthis also receive training in music and sports.