•   "IT" stands for INDIAN TRADITIONS  

  •  India needs to promote Trade, Tradition & Technology wherein Trade & Technology complement Tradition.  

  •  People should cultivate the habit of Austerity - Savings - Service 

  •  Prayer is essential so is Effort  

  •  Land, Language and Lineage are very sacred and should be protected  

  •  Protection of Heritage & Traditons should happen at once, without further delay, since they cannot be recreated.  

  •   Dharmic Nurseries are to be nurtured to cultivate seeds in the fields of Culture, Spirtuality & Service to the nation. 

  •  More SEZS are required - "Special Education Zones" 

  •   Hindusim has the depth in content - What's needed is its study, Presentation & Distribution  

  •   What is CMP in today's context can be broadened to 'Common Maximum programme' for India's development.  

  •   PDS(Public Distribution System) Module is required for disseminating heritage & cultural knowledge  

  •   While Infrastructure development is required for Economic Growth, 'Cultural Infrastructure Programme' is the need of the hour for the welfare of Society. 

Sri Vaikhanasa Agama Patasala

विद्या नाम नरस्य कीर्तिरतुला भाग्यक्षये चाश्रयो
धेनुः कामदुधा रतिश्च विरहे नेत्रं तृतीयं च सा ।
सत्कारायतनं कुलस्य महिमा रत्नैर्विना भूषणम्
तस्मादन्यमुपेक्ष्य सर्वविषयं विद्याधिकारं कुरु॥

Preserving Vedic culture

With a vision of preserving and nurturing the rich traditions of Indian Vedic culture and to enrich future generations, the revered Sankaracharyas of Kanchi Kamakoti Peetam have initiated the creation of an institution, Sri Vaikhanasa Agama Patasala under the Adi Sankara Research and Cultural Training Trust.

Vaikhanasa Agama is among the important scriptures and part of the spiritual texts known as Agamas. These texts list out the process of image-worship and rituals and are sacred guidelines to all, particularly worshippers of Lord Vishnu. Krishna Yajurveda, Ramayana and Mahabharata are among the texts that speak with great reverence about this Agama.

Vikhanasa Agama is one of the two methods of worship at leading temples including Tirumala Tirupathi and Srivilliputhur. This system of worship was enunciated by Vaikasanasa Muni, a manifestation of Lord Vishnu Himself.

The name Vaikhanasa stands for both the followers as well as the fundamental philosophy itself with the name derived from the founder, Sage Vikhanasa. Vaikhanansa’s principle focuses on rituals and worship of Lord Vishnu rather than the philosophy of Uttara Mimamsa unlike Vaishnavism, the larger and more prevalent form on Vishnu worship. Amongst the Indian communities of priests committed to the promotion of temple-culture, the Vaikhansas occupy a significant position. It is the only priestly community to have a kalpa–sutra of their own.

Sri Vaikhanasa Agama Patasala blends the knowledge of Vedas through the time-tested principle of the Gurukulam with modern schooling. The Patasala has been established in the premises of Jai Gopal Garodia Vivekananda Vidyalaya School (JGVV) a recognized name for high quality education for over 4 decades. This school has been chosen by His Holiness to incorporate Vaikhanasa Agama training.

The JGVV School is recognized for its modern infrastructure and knowledgeable, dedicated faculty. The school offers education to over 3000 boys and girls and conducts classes from Pre-KG to XII Std under the CBSE system. This is being managed by the Hindu Educational and Charitable Trust for the last 35 years.

The Patasala was started in 2012 with 20 students and currently has 80 pupils and pursues a vision of creating priests with deep learning to serve the present generation and 108 Divyadesams. Students attend regular school leading to CBSE examinations besides learning Vaikhanasa Aagamam and Sanskrit in the Patasala.

Students are trained and molded with the Vaikhanasam of our country, culture, moral values and ancient sastras. A temple in Avadi has been adopted for providing practical training and on-hands experience for students. Periodic exams are conducted by examiners from Tirupati and students are taken on tours to different Vaikhanasa temples to practise what they have learnt.

Students are also exposed to music, Namasankeerthana and storytelling. Besides these, students excel in academics and sports too.

The Patasala has students from Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka.


  • Archaka Nithya Karmanushtanam
  • Thiruvardhanam, Vishnu Aradanai,
  • Brahmotsavam, Mahasamprokshanam
  • Kumbhabhishekam, Prayaschitha Vidhanam


Students from Vaikhanasa families from 3rd std and below 7th std who want to learn both the agamas and regular education.

Supported by Sri A.N. Ramesh Babu, Correspondent JGVV Vidyalaya, Dr. Ilangovan Vedagiri Assistant Correspondent, JGGV Vidyalaya, Avadi, Chennai.


Sri Vaikhanasa Agama Patasala at Jaigopal Garodia Vivekananda Vidyalaya, Poonamallee Road, Vivekananda Nagar,
Avadi, Chennai, 600 054, Mobile : +91- 95001 95021, 88070 55103

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Account Name:
Account No. 6212914013, IFSC Code No. IDIB000A079
All donations are exempted under Sec. 80 G of Indian Income Tax Act.