•   "IT" stands for INDIAN TRADITIONS  

  •  India needs to promote Trade, Tradition & Technology wherein Trade & Technology complement Tradition.  

  •  People should cultivate the habit of Austerity - Savings - Service 

  •  Prayer is essential so is Effort  

  •  Land, Language and Lineage are very sacred and should be protected  

  •  Protection of Heritage & Traditons should happen at once, without further delay, since they cannot be recreated.  

  •   Dharmic Nurseries are to be nurtured to cultivate seeds in the fields of Culture, Spirtuality & Service to the nation. 

  •  More SEZS are required - "Special Education Zones" 

  •   Hindusim has the depth in content - What's needed is its study, Presentation & Distribution  

  •   What is CMP in today's context can be broadened to 'Common Maximum programme' for India's development.  

  •   PDS(Public Distribution System) Module is required for disseminating heritage & cultural knowledge  

  •   While Infrastructure development is required for Economic Growth, 'Cultural Infrastructure Programme' is the need of the hour for the welfare of Society. 

Sri Kamakoti Nadaswara Patasala Boys & Girls

The Nadaswaram is considered very auspicious and is an important musical instrument played in all Hindu weddings and temples throughout South India. Similar to the Shehnai, this majestic wind instrument is widely known as the Mangala Vaadhyam with its musical strains filling the premises at every auspicious occasion.

For generations, Nadhaswaram has been among the popular musical instruments. With its origins in Tamil Nadu, the instrument is widely used in Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Kerala. Nadhaswaram has a hardwood body and a large flaring bell made of wood or metal and is recognized as the world’s loudest non-brass acoustic instrument.

Preserving Nadhaswaram music

The art of Nadhaswaram music has been dwindling over the years and without adequate support this art would be lost forever. Understanding the importance of preserving Nadhaswaram, the Acharyas have taken the initiative to train the present generation in this art and keep it flourishing. The Kanchi Mutt has established two Nadhaswaram institutes, one for boys at Thiruttani and for girls at Karvet Nagar with an aim of reviving the art and providing financial support to children of traditional Nadhaswaram families. This also empowers them and gives them the impetus to pursue the art of their forefathers.

Vocational training

Children attend the Government School in addition to receiving Nadhaswaram training in classical form and Nattu Vaidyam. They are also given vocational skills for life so that they enjoy a good livelihood.

Girl students are also taught tailoring and vocational courses such as training to become nurses. This helps them secure employment or pursue the path of entrepreneurship.


  • Nadaswaram, Music,
  • Nattu Vaidyam


Sri Kamakoti Nadaswara Patasala Girls
Karvettinagaram, Near Puttur,
Andhra Pradesh

Sri Kamakoti Nadaswara
Patasala Boys