Protect. Preserve. Propagate.

Upliftment of cultural heritage along with exemplary academic and extra curricuar activities through Integrated Patasala across South India​​. Protection of Vedas by debates, conferences and discouses. Condemning evil social activities.​​ Establishing Supremacy of Hinduism by debates and mutt establishments. Upliftment of economic social causes through healthcare, education institutions, welfare schemes to all sections of society​​. Prayer is essential, so is effort. IT first stands for Indian Traditions. Protection of Heritage and Traditions should happen at once, without further delay, since they cannot be recreated. While infrastructure development is required for economic growth, a "Cultural Infrastructure Programme" is the need of the hour for the welfare of society. Ennikkai kuraiyakoodathu, ennangal maarakoodathu. Concentrate on Aacharam, Aaharam and Alankaram.

Patasalas for Boys

The Patasalas have been started with the idea of preserving our culture and tradition starting with the villages where the temples are the main point of connection for the people. To part to the next generation, the Integrated system of teaching has been inculcated where the children are educated our Vedas, Agamas, Sastras along with modern education.

Gurukulam Style Patasala

  • Sri Kamakoti Krishna Yajurveda Smartha Pathasala
    Tirupati / Ollapalli

  • Sri Kamakoti Rigveda Smartha Pathasala

  • Sripathi Panditarajyula Vedanada Patasala (Shaiva Agamam)

  • Sri Kamakoti Shaiva Agama Patasala

  • Sri Pancharatra Agama Patasala

  • Sri Kamakoti Shukla Yajurveda Pathasala

  • Sri Kamakoti Shukla Yajurveda Smartha Pathasala

Full Time Veda Patasalas for Boys

  • Sri Yajurveda & Rigveda Patasala

  • Sri Kamakoti Visesha Smartha Patasala

  • Sri Yajurveda Patasala
    Tirupati / Hydrabad

Integrated Patasalas for Boys

  • Vaikhanasa Agama Patasala
    Avadi, Chennai

Patasalas Supported by Trust

Patasalas for Girls

Women are the main carriers to "impart knowledge to the next generation" We are focused on training women in our culture and traditional practices along with modern knowledge enabling them to be self-esteem & self-confident. Sampradaya Patasala is for crafting "Brahmin girls to a Complete Woman" for serving the country with Desa bhakti, Devotion, Dedication, Courage and Commitment.

Integrated Patasalas for Girls

  • Sri Kamakoti Nadaswara Patasala Girls

Gurukulam Style Patasala

  • Sampradaya Patasala
    Tirupathi, Hyderabad, Nasik