Sri Kamakoti Smartha Patasala


The Smartha tradition emerged during the classical period of Hinduism and is aligned with Advaita Vedanta. The Smartha Patasala imparts the knowledge of Mantras, Pooja Vidhanams and religious practices to the young students along with modern education.

“The Purohit is the Dharma Pracharak of society”, His Holiness Pujyashree Baala Periava teaches us. It is the Purohit who is the bridge between the erudite, those learned in the Sastras, and the common man.

The Mahaswamigal had stayed in Karvetinagaram close to a year and developed a deep affinity for the place hence this place was chosen for the center. The Patasala integrated with the Lakshmi Narasimha School started functioning in 2016 with 20 students and the second year grew to 150 students. This is coupled with State Board education empowers them to become complete individuals equipped to serve and guide the communities of tomorrow. They are also trained on Vedas, Pooja, Vidhanams, Shlokas and Value education along with art like Mridangam.

Jyothisham Smartham
Agni Karyam Sanskrit
Pravachanam Sports
Sandhya Vandhanam
Pooja Vidhaanam

Integrated Patasala :

Gurukulam Style Patasala :