Sri Kamakoti Nadaswara Patasala Boys & Girls


The Nadaswaram- A majestic wind instrument is widely known as the Mangala Vaadhyam with its musical strains fills the premises and is recognized as the world’s loudest non-brass acoustic instrument. With its origin in Tamil Nadu, it is widely used in Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka & Kerala.

Children attend the Government School in addition to receiving Nadaswaram training in classical form and Nattu Vaidhyam. Girl students are trained in tailoring, nursing care which helps them secure employment or pursues the path of entrepreneurship.

Understanding the importance of preserving Nadaswaram, the Acharyas have taken the initiative to train the present generation in this art and keeps it flourishing and thus has established two Nadaswaram institutes, one for boys and one for girls at Karvettinagaram with an aim of reviving the art and providing financial support to children of traditional Nadaswaram families.

Nadaswaram Music
Nattu Vaidhyam

Integrated Patasala (Girls) :

Integrated Patasala (Boys) :