Pancharatra Agama Patasala


The Pancharatra Agama are Vaishnava Sanskrit Agamic texts, literally meaning five nights (panca: five, ratra: nights) and it glorifies or praises the Supreme Lord as Vishnu.

The Agamas are predominantly divided into Saiva, Sakta and Vaishnava Agamas. Based on the Purusha Sukta, (Rigveda 10.90) the Pancharatra Agamas teach God (Narayana or Vasudeva) manifests the whole world from one-fourth of himself. Therefore three parts of the supreme are immortal nectar that can be attained by liberated beings.

The Patasala has house staff consisting of one Agamic teacher, Cook and two Caretakers for the premises. The students' grasp and excellence are monitored through various ways like Exams, Practical Classes, Competitions, and various other methods.

Prayaschitha Vidhanam
Vishnu Aradanai
Archaka Nithya Karmanushtanam
Mahasamprokshanam (Kumbhabhishekam)

Integrated Patasala :